Dr. Paula S. Atabudzi

Dr. Paula S. Atabudzi

COO | Lead Eye Doctor.
  • Occupation:
    OD, MSc Ophthalmology with clinical practice
  • Experience:
    11 years
  • Core Skills:
    Optometry, Clinical Ophthalmology and Teaching.
  • Certificates:
    UK | Ghana certified
  • specialty:
    working with adults, diabetics and children


Paula is a passionate change leader, who is driven by the desire to see change in  Africa. She believes that, Africa has the ability to produce and enjoy the best in health care; eye health care especially. She believes she can bring forth inspired innovative ideas to help Africa and the world. She is a doctor of optometry who pursued further studies in ophthalmology with clinical practice at University College London/Moorfields eye hospital.

With the knowledge she acquired, she has been able to set up an Eye imaging and Digital health Centre together with another doctor, in Partnership with Eye Health Africa. They intend to transform this centre into the number one place in Ghana/ Africa where every and any kind of eye imaging can be performed to enhance care delivery. As the world moves into the era of digital health delivery, they are preparing Ghana/Africa, to be able to transition seamlessly into the future.

Personal Experience

She is currently working on workbooks for practitioners, to aid in proper interpretation of OCT printouts for better diagnosis, in a series titled, MAKING SENSE OF AN OCT PRINTOUT SERIES. The next phase of these series will be to make them into a web-based document to enhance easy access and use.

She is a child eye health advocate. She wants to see children in Africa excel in their academics, not hindered by any preventable eye diseases. The centre is working with EHA to set up a paediatric unit to make care accessible and affordable for children.


Diabetic eye disease is one of the leading causes of blindness globally, with 30% of diabetics suffering from it. Due to the lack of data backing this scientific fact in Ghana, the centre has begun a campaign and is embarking on a diabetic eye screening program for a city called Tema and its environs. This move is to enable us get data and be a catalyst for a policy to start a national diabetic eye screening program.

She is interested in Digital ophthalmology and public health issues. She is aspiring to do a DrPH program, which will afford her the opportunity to pursue her passion for public health as well as research in digital ophthalmology, in the not-too-distant future.

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