Screening & Health Talks

Cooperate Vision Screening and Education (CVSE)

ICEID cooperate care majors in conducting comprehensive eye exams for your employees at your workplace. It makes sure that every individual gets their vision corrected. Corporate eye test at work is a rewarding benefit for employees. Regular eye checkups not only keep eyes healthy but also can catch early stage health issues such as diabetes, glaucoma etc.

The added benefit is having a workforce that can be more productive because of a decrease in vision-related disturbances like eye strain and resulting headaches.

Besides the convenience of having vision exams in the workplace, your employees appreciate the supportive environment of your company emphasizing the fact that you care for them.

Key Points of a Corporate Vision Screening
  • All you need is a conference room at least 10 feet in length and a table for signing in.
  • Employees can schedule a time through an online portal.
  • The vision exam takes less than 10 minutes.
  • If a prescription is needed for corrective lenses or contacts, arrangements can be made for them to be ordered and delivered.
Key Benefits of a Corporate Vision Screening
  • Gives employees a convenient way to have a vision exam.
  • Provides education about eye health.
  • Can address vision-related problems by generating a prescription for corrective lenses.
  • ICEID sells affordable frames and lenses.
  • Discusses preventative methods of minimizing eye strain and the possible resulting headaches.

Eye Health Education

Through our Prevent Blindness flagship program, we commit to working with the business community to ensure that all working age group Ghanaians have good sight for life. We do this through promotion and services for early detection of possible vision problems by educating people about how to keep their sight safe and healthy for a lifetime. We emphasis on educating these category of people on conditions that result from chronic systemic conditions that have ocular manifestations such as diabetes and hypertension. We also focus on major conditions like Glaucoma, which is the leading cause of irreversible blindness across the globe. It is a painless condition and slowing takes away one’s sight thus the name the slow thief of sight.  

Early detection is essential in reducing vision loss due to these diseases. Early detection can also save employers time and money through a consistently strong and productive workforce. 

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