Digital Health Solutions

Virtual Clinics

A virtual clinic is one in which the face-to-face clinician consultation is removed. In a synchronous model, the patient and clinician interact in real time, for example, via a webcam. In the asynchronous model, the interaction occurs at different times.

With the asynchronous model, technicians gather quantifiable data for clinicians to make value decisions. This is the system we employ with our existing patients or patients who are in all other regions in Ghana, who need expert opinion regarding their health.

We use digital technology to provide the best care possible for our patients.
With this service, we use video consultations for your appointment via a completely secure video environment from the comfort of your own home, office or wherever you are and you do not need to attend the hospital.

We use a secure technology for our confidential video consultations.
Virtual clinics help with both glaucoma and increasingly medical retina specialties, by allowing us deal with increased patient numbers.

Digital Eye
Emergency Virtual Clinic

The emergency service platform is for the assessment of acute emergencies. This service is not for general advice on minor conditions or to discuss use of medications or booking of other appointments. This service accepts appointments within minutes of contact. If however, the call is not a genuine emergency eye care need, patients will not be admitted. Upon completion of our emergency service form, one will receive an admission number. Patients will be seen in order of priority.

Local Virtual Clinic

With this platform, an admitted patient can receive care from experts across the country, without having to travel from home or region. An appointment can be booked online and services can be assessed between two (2) to seven (7) days. A patient will be required to fill a local appointment form, which will then enable your admission number to be generated.

International Virtual Clinic

ICEID in partnership with Eye Health Africa UK, are able to arrange international consultations for clients, who wish to seek care from global expects in the field. With this service, our cherished clients can have access to the opinion of experts across the globe, without having to travel with all the risks and costs involved. A patient will be required to fill our international appointment form. This will enable us contact the best specialist for your peculiar condition.
The admission number will then be generated. A patient can be seen within two to four (2-4) weeks after appointment is booked, depending on the condition and number of admissions ICEID is attending to.

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