Ms Primrose Magala

Partner | Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eye Health Africa
  • Occupation:
    BSc Adult Nursing | PG Cert Ophthalmic Practice | BSc Medical Microbiology | MA HRM


Primrose is a British Nurse Practitioner at the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital, in London.
With a passion for Africa’s marginalised and vulnerable, Primrose has Ugandan heritage.
Having made a career change from a corporate background, following a life changing experience a few years ago, this inspired her to pursue a career in healthcare and specialise in ophthalmology.

Ophthalmology remains a neglected discipline in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, thanks to emerging global Sustainable Development initiatives, and collaborative partnerships, EHA has been established as one of them, a great platform which will enable positive and sustainable healthcare transformation in Africa.

Eye Health is now a global concern and it is being recognised as an essential healthcare need, for millions, especially children with visual impairment.

Primrose’s vision is to work with other partners via an Africa wide Eye Health Consortium platform, and under the steering leadership of recognised, organisation models like UUKHA, to establish Centres of Excellence and Eye Health Institutes in Africa, so that everyone has access to eye care.

This will also mean that no one will have to leave the Continent to access these essential health services.

It is no longer a matter of, let someone else do it, but rather, let us do something about it together. Let us work together to utilise all available resources to maximum potential.

*Working Together for Healthy Eyes and Healthy Lives! *